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Haven of Fae Dreams

Philippa Bellesario

Zio Glim'Glemnir
Bastian Glim'Glemnir
Evangeline Glim'Glemnir
Una Glim'Glemnir
Portia Medici
Philippa Bellesario
A Bad Tip
Meddling Pixies
Roses are red, violets are blue...
The Forest Spirit
Two Feathers
The Creation
Prophecy Interrupted

Philippa Bellesario

Philippa Bellesario, or just Pippa as she preferred to be called, has had her head burried in books from a very early age. Much the delight of her parents who were both scholars at the most prestigious university in the Fae Nation.
Pippa's uncanny interest in the various races of the Realms and languages in particular, have fostered her desire to become a translator and perhaps even an ambassador once her studies have been completed.
While she is still attending school, she is often venturing out to gain actual "face to face" information and insight, for books were no longer able to satisfy her ever growing thirst for knowledge.

Painting by the artist Majorlein Gulinski.