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Haven of Fae Dreams

Portia Medici

Zio Glim'Glemnir
Bastian Glim'Glemnir
Evangeline Glim'Glemnir
Una Glim'Glemnir
Portia Medici
Philippa Bellesario
A Bad Tip
Meddling Pixies
Roses are red, violets are blue...
The Forest Spirit
Two Feathers
The Creation
Prophecy Interrupted

Portia Medici

Not much is known about Portia Medici. She grew up in seclusion with her mother, Priscilla, in an area rarely traveled by mortals or immortals alike. Both Fae practice the art of magic, although on opposite sites of the spectrum. Portia has always been fascinated by the "darker" things of life and made it her passion to perfect her innate skills.

Painting by the artist Marjolein Gulinski.