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Haven of Fae Dreams

Meddling Pixies

Zio Glim'Glemnir
Bastian Glim'Glemnir
Evangeline Glim'Glemnir
Una Glim'Glemnir
Portia Medici
Philippa Bellesario
A Bad Tip
Meddling Pixies
Roses are red, violets are blue...
The Forest Spirit
Two Feathers
The Creation
Prophecy Interrupted

Characters: Bastian Glim'Glemnir, Portia Medici, Canafayin Swiftwing
Location: Rainbow Haven, Village of Reomyr

Portia narrows her eyes at you.


Canafayin says 'I thought I detected of Kontaur Accent'


Portia says 'You don't seem well traveled then, my dear Canafayin.'


Canafayin says 'Well, I haven't been there in ages'


Canafayin raises an eyebrow at Portia.


Bastian walks in, his brown eyes quickly scanning the room.


Canafayin bows before you.


Canafayin says 'Hello good sir'


Portia growls at the sight of Bastian. "Well look who we have here. Are

you stalking me?" the fae girls asks.


Bastian smirks, looking instead at the red haired one that got away his

eyes locked onto her person, his hand moving slowly to his pocket.


Bastian turns momentarily to Canafayin, issuing his own words of

warning. 'Leave. Lest ye fare the same dismal fate as that



Canafayin smirks at Bastian, 'That is definitely a Northern Plains



Bastian turns back towards Portia, his head instinctively tilting as he

surveys her. 'My dear. Understand that I am here out of destiny, lest we

flatter ourselves.'


Slanted, emerald hued, eyes follow the movement of Bastian's hand and

Portia steps back. "Whatever you have in your pocket, you might want to

leave it there." The fae girl groans at Bastian's word, did he HAVE to

mention the waitress? He was so obnoxious it made her sick.  Portia flutters to a nearby fountain and sits down, watching the two male pixie from above.


Bastian emits what can only be considered a laugh, the sound of bells

echoing sharply through the room. He quickly pulls forth his bow.


Portia says to you, 'Whatever is it with you? Did someone mistreat you

as a child? You might want to consider therapy with a cleric or some



You say 'I have a therapy that seems to work just fine..'


Portia's wings of pearl flutter lazily behind her as she glares at

Bastian. "I think not," she replies.


Canafayin eyes Bastian cafefully, 'What this about the waitress?'


Bastian quickly nocks a diamond tipped arrow, turning upwards towards

Portia, whispering softly, and letting the arrow fly, watching as it

gathers light and speed, rushing towards her.


Portia quickly lifts her hand and the arrow harmlessly falls to the

ground. "You are starting to bore me, whoever you might be."


Canafayin flies towards Bastian and grabs his bow, 'Stop it! We need her



Portia wonders '"We" need her alive? For whatever would you need me

alive? '


Bastian flutters back, ripping his bow from the pixie's grip. 'DO NOT

TOUCH ME!' He quickly nocks another arrow, though the tip is now of a

soft emerald. He moves quickly towards the door..


Bastian aims towards the centre of the room and lets loose his arrow,

closing his eyes, the one arrow turning to many, filling the room with a

volley of flying daggers.


Portia moves with lightening speed. One second sitting at the edge of

the fountain and in the next right behind Bastian. With a sweet but

annoyed voice, she whispers in his ears "You are too slow, catch me if

you can!" The fae girl snaps her finger and disappears.


Canafayin grumbles, 'Bloody Flying Corps, just shoot arrows at



Canafayin dodges the arrows and tries to fly back to Bastian, 'Stop

shooting at me!  I am a royal agent!'


Bastian fluidly moves aside, snapping his fingers. A black wolf appears

below him, bathed in shadow, a four legged beast of black, save his

glimmering teeth.


Bastian points towards Canafayin, the wolf lunging. Bastian looks up,

his earring pulsating onyx. His eyes glaze over, their hue taking on a

vivid green. He flies towards the window, slamming an invisible pixie

against the glass with his forearm.


Portia shields her thoughts from Bastian, learning from their earlier

encounter but thanks to his powers he easily detects her invisibility

spell and slams right into her. The air is knocked out of Portia's lungs

for a split second but she recovers easily turning her skin flaming hot

to the touch. "How do you like that?" she asks and becomes visible



Canafayin quickly dodges and flies out of the wolf's reach, he quicky

grabs his silver daggers from his boots, 'Do I have to take care of you

too?  By the order of the king. I order you to yield!'


Pulling back his singed forearm, a trail of smoke trailing above it, the

pixie sneers in disgust. 'Your petty magic tricks cannot save you.' He

flips backwards towards the centre of the room, turning back to the now

armed pixie thief. 'Do not interfere. This is not a battle you wish to

meddle in. And please, save us from your illusions of the king's

grandeur. He is a fae just like the rest of us, and he too shall fall

beneath me.' Clapping his hands together, a mercurial glow surrounds his

small form, his eyes turning a surreal shade of platinum. He points a

solemn finger towards Canafayin, the wolf turning to lunge at him from

behind. Bastian quickly fires two ruby-tipped arrows towards either side

of Canafayin, their tips blazing brightly before bursting into flame. He

looks up anxiously, afraid of losing his intended target. Silly pixie.

I beg you to meddle further.


"Petty magic tricks?! I give you petty magic!" Portia thinks and makes

sure her mental barrier is lowerd for Bastian to read her thoughts.  Her

usually innocent looking wings burst into flames and she descends into

the air. Her eyes turn onyx as she utters several arcane spells while

holding out her arms. Quickly she pulls them together and as soon as her

palms meet, Bastian's arrows dissolve into fine mist and a protective

shield forms around Canafayin's body. Portia could not care less if he

died or not but right now, she just wanted to "meddle" with Bastian's



Canafayin watches at the arrows dissolve and glances at Bastian and

Portia,  'You traitorous sprite! She was only wanted for questioning!

You sir are the one meddling! On who's authority do you act?'


Deep breaths. Deep breaths. The wolf, forgotten, slams into the back of

Canafayin, doing little harm, thanks to his protective enchantments, but

the force of the blow knocking him forward. With a wave of his hand,

Bastian returns the wolf to whence it came. 'You sir, know not what you

deal with. And one would appreciate it if you would leave us be. She

cannot shield you for long.' Ahhh yes. Blinking, with a slight nod, the

pixie vanishes from the room. Not invisible, just, not here. An audible

snap is still heard throughout the Village, a scream piercing the

room. He quickly returns, leading in toe two Pixie children. His smile

is sickening, his forearm slowly outstretching as he again points

towards Canafayin. The pixie children, their eyes black, and their minds

warded against any other fly towards Canafayin.


 Unfortunately, Bastian was closer to the truth than Portia would like to

admit. Her powers were losing force and a light film of sweat

starts to form on her doll like features. No, she would not cave in and

with a surge of newly acquired will she holds her right arm outstretched

to keep her force field around Canafayin and her left arm to build a

portal right in front of the children. Like a vacuum, it sucks the pixie

children in and moves them back into the city...unharmed. She should

get a medal tonight for all the "good things" she had done. Suddenly,

the protective globe about Canafayin wavers and the portal collapses.

Her strength was leaving her after all. "Stop this madness!" she urges

Bastian telepathically. "What do you want from me?" Portia snaps

her fingers and the shield disappears but she moves right in front of

Canafayin instead.


Canafayin tries to take off, but gets knocked down by the wolf and

lands on his head, losing one of his daggers, while the other dagger is

stuck in the ground in his hand on landing, making very vulnerable to



Crossing his arms, the pixie looks as though every part of him desires

nothing more than to stomp his feet on the ground and cry. He regains his

composure quickly however, his eyes piercing through Portia's sentient

thoughts. 'As if the answer had not already presented itself. I want

you, my dear.' He flutters back towards the door, his hand fiddling with

the unseen trinket in his pocket. 'I have nought the time nor the

patience to continue this little game of cat and mice. I come for her.

You may invoke the name of the king as much as you wish, but it shall

deter me not, for I stand under no one. This king you mention has little

to show for himself...' His powers must be great to lead a nation, powers

that shall ultimately be mine. 'Cease these childish games, Portia. Your

fate has already been written.' A frown falls over his face, his eyes...

blinking lazily with ennui. 'I tire of this nonsense. Surrender now

and your precious mind will thank you.'


Canafayin tries to take off, but gets knocked down by the wolf and lands

on his head. He says , 'I will find you Pi...' He loses conscienceness.


Portia's eyes have regained their natural green color and her wings are

once again of an innocent pearl., she had no strength left to

conjure her. "I will not belong to anyone," she sneers. Damp locks are

clutched to her face and she pushes them behind elongated ears. She was

mad at herself for pushing her powers to the absolute limit, leaving her

with not much left to conquer any more of his attacks. Her mind is a

whirlwind trying to figure out her next steps. She steps further away

from Bastian and cocks her head to the side. "Please, broaden my horizon

and reveal your intentions. This, you put it so perfectly, cat and mouse

game is tiring indeed."


With a heavy sigh, the aggressive fae rolls his eyes, his hue, in turn,

reverting to it's natural state. 'At the very least...' He regards

Canafayin's limp body 'the incessant meddling has ceased. You have

something I want, and I intend to get it. There stands no bargaining or

begging to save you the trouble, for it is not something you would ever,

willingly give.' She would not get any answers today. He could sense

that slight tingle of fear rise within her. The time had gone. 'Know

that I will get it.' He moves towards the oaken board, tracing his

finger across the missives. 'Granted, I had no intention of meeting you

here. Be glad of it.' A streak of gold, he makes a quick exit, leaving

Portia, once again, with his mess.


Portia wasn't one to show weakness but she was so exhausted that she

collapsed as soon as Bastian left her side. Pulling her knees in close

to her body, she wraps her arms around them and cradles her tired body.

Nothing like this has ever happened to her but mistakes were intended

for this, right? Making them and learning from it. Portia most

definitely had to learn a lot as she was not as strong as she thought.

Her eyes wander to the pixie next to her and she only shrugs her

shoulders. He'd be alright. With the last of her powers she astral's

back to her room where Lana was waiting for her. With a sigh she cuddles

close to her and falls asleep...haunted by the dark eyes of Bastian and

his threatening words.



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